Learning to sing is about YOU. Singing is about the songs you enjoy singing.

From opera to pop and music theatre, we will look at the songs which you like.

The ‘bel canto‘ Italian technique for voice production and Speech Level Singing is the foundation for singing beautifully in all styles of music.

Each singer comes from a different point in their development. Some may have vocal problems, or difficulties pitching notes. Others need to work on interpretation and presentation of their songs for audition or performance.

We look at the improvements we can make for each individual. We use vocal exercises and we put this technique into your songs.



There are 3 inescapable principles for ALL voices in any style of music:

1: Warming up the voice and placing it correctly is essential. 

2: Keeping the voice supported with the diaphragm and intercostal breathing is essential. You cannot place the voice without properly supporting the voice.

3: Keeping the voice on the level at which you speak is essential. Singing is not shouting or raising the larynx. 

In a typical lesson we will go through the above with exercises which will last you a life time.

We will put this technique into the songs you like to sing.


The vocal mechanism is shown in the diagram below. Notice the large resonant chambers of the nasal cavities which are important for the placing of the voice.



The voice can not be listened to by you the singer but must felt inside.

We all have had the experience of listening to a recording of our voices and believing that it sounded different to what we had thought it sounded like.

It is impossible to learn how to sing from Youtube or a book.

A third person‘s experienced ear is needed to listen to your voice.

Singing is being able to combine  an inner confidence with a physical co-ordination of the vocal instrument.

Singing, like Yoga in the Buddhist tradition, is an act of balancing our breath which is also good for our health.

 “He who sings scares away his woes.” Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

The book book pictured here ‘My World‘ was signed by the great Bel Canto singer Pavarotti.

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Pavarotti says:

‘The other most important thing for the beginning singer is to learn to give support from the diaphragm. People think that you sing from the throat, but you actually sing from the throat and the diaphragm working together. It was a few years into my career before I understood how important this was.

When I started serious  study, I spent the first six months vocalizing only with vowel sounds. This was not a very interesting way to spend six months, but my teacher, Arrigo Pola, believed it was essential. And he convinced me. Over the years, I have become even more convinced of the importance of this.‘

Luciano Pavarotti.